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10 Tips for writing a Blog

Two important tips for writing a Blog are compelling content and frequent updates. Below are a few ideas that you can use while writing a blog.

1. Lists:
People love to read about lists, just any kind of list as it can increase traffic on your blog. Some examples are Top 10 lists, 3 reasons I love something etc. Start your heading from number.

2. How to's:
To accomplish a task, many people would like to find easy-to-follow instructions. For example: How to write HTML code.

3. Write about Reviews:
Write a review about anything on your blog. Some of the suggestions are:
  • Products
  • Websites
  • Books
  • Movies
  • Music
  • Hotels
Try to share your experience and thoughts.

4. Photo:
Try to post a photo based on your topic.

5. Tips:
Write about tips so that readers can achieve something faster or cheaper way.

6. Recommendations:
Try to share your recommendations about the websites, books, movies or other favorite topic on your blog.

7. Contests:
Blog contetsts can increase traffic in your blog and enable visitors to leave comments.

8. Videos:
Put a video from YouTube or one of your own, or host a video blog.

9. Guest Posts: Ask other bloggers or experts in a field related to your blog topic to write a guest post.

10. Polls:
Register with a site like then publish a poll related to your blog topic in one of your blog posts.

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