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Right along with letterheads, business cards are usually the first thing that new business owners get printed out. After all, they’re practically a prerequisite to doing business – it’s expected that if you take your company seriously, you’ll have cards ready to hand out.

If you don't have a properly designed business card will your potential customer take your work seriously once they’ve taken a look at it? This is often the first impression a potential customer or client has with your company. Your business card will serve two purposes, it will get the message you want across, or it will end up in the trash.

Traditional business cards are created on a 2” x 3.5” rectangle. Anything that is larger than this traditional size won’t fit in someone’s wallet, or in most business card holders. If a business card can't fit inside of someone's wallet then what is the point of having one?

If you feel you don't have a professionally designed business card then Tampa Design Experts has the solution for you. Our designers can create a simple yet professional business card that WON'T get thrown away!

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If you want your business to be taken seriously by your target clients, a company letterhead is valuable for this purpose. It is truly a significant representation of your company. Printing all your communications on a nice piece of stationary, which contains your company name and contact information, makes it quick and easy for clients to communicate with you.

So, if you’re still thinking about coming up with a corporate letterhead let Tampa Design Experts help get the ball rolling and take your letterhead to the next level.
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