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The Process

The steps involved in creating the a new Web site fall into three stages.

Stage 1: Planning

How well you plan your site determines how successful it will turn out to be. The result of your planning is a detailed content plan, which will help complete the site from start to finish. During this stage we:
  • Define the site's purpose. Your site goals dictate the type and amount of content you'll need.
  • Identify your audience. Who they are and what they want to shape how you present the content.
  • Start a content plan. This is a record of all the decisions the client and Tampa Design Experts make during the planning stage, along with an inventory of the content your site will contain.
Stage 2: Design

In the design stage, we figure out how to organize and present the site's content so that information is consistent, easy to find and easy to use. During this stage we:
  • Organize information at the site level. Structuring content into logical categories is called "information design."
  • Structured page layout. Page organization depends on whether the information will be skimmed or read line by line.
  • Define functionality and layout. Make your content dynamic and interactive.
Stage 3: Building

Building entails creating the words, images, and other content that make up the site itself. During this stage we:
  • Create the content or use the content the client has provided us. Writers research and write, while we make the text Web-ready.
  • Maintain the content. Your authoring and publishing processes should enable you to produce fresh content as often as your site goals and audience demand.
  • Promote the site. E-mail newsletters are one way to keep your audience returning.
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